Hello, Our company name is Infairs Co., Ltd.
Through exhibitions and events, meets the needs of members of various fields and creates a business. We will always try and study.
Create emotions through understanding and communication.
From large industrial exhibitions to events of institutions, local governments and corporations Making something big,
for everyone, isn't all that's touched.
Careful consideration in small areas is the beginning of emotion. Consumers' needs are complex and diverse,
with the diversification of consumption patterns and the fragmented market structure.
Exhibit, event and agency are carried out with accurate message delivery in line with changes in various markets.
Long experience and know-how in one field, network with various industries Realize the best performance.
We organize and manage an exhibition by various network based on experience in the relevant fields including institution / association / enterprise. And our one-stop system is built in variety areas.
Infairs Co.,Ltd. is a company that specializes in organizing exhibitions and conventions, established in June 2018.
Based on more than 15 years of experience hosting/operating exhibitions in the fields of liquor (wine & Spirit, beer, etc.) cosmetics, infants and health industries.
We are the professional company that Organizing & Managing exhibitions in various industrial fields.
To host/director, operate/plan exhibitions in various fields
Operation of events and expo, such as institutions, governments, and agencies
Exhibition Organizing & Planning
We have more than 15 years of experience in organizing, planning, operating, and acting in various events, including exhibitions and expo.
This experience has resulted in databases of companies, buyers, and so on, as well as insight into relevant areas.
· Cooperation with experts in various fields
· Planning an exhibition of related fields through accumulated know-how
· Planning and development of events into new industries
Operation / Acting
One – Stop system is possible. When Real business, targeted advertising, buyer attraction comes to the spotlight, we can manage, operate, install,
and attract businesses. You can operate more effectively. Through various industrial exhibitions, large expo business inducement and
field operation experience Achieve the required goals and solve the problem.
Experienced Exhibition & Event
Organizing of exhibitions and events in various fields, including exhibitions of wines & alcohol, food, cosmetics, infants and health industries

Conducts large-scale expo, regional festivals, events, and other operational agencies and equipment construction.

Hosting and acting of domestic and foreign buyers' counseling sessions in the relevant fields
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